Tuesday Links

  • If you entered into the drawing for tickets to the Winter Classic then you should expect to find out in the next couple of days if you are part of the chosen few.  The rules and regulations say that the drawing should take place on or around Dec. 4th - If you didn't sign up, then you're SOL.  Registration ended this past Saturday.
  • Speaking of the Winter Classic - Alderman Tom Tunney wants the rooftops to be able to open for business.  I didn't know they weren't allowed to be but I doubt there'll be much opposition.  Puck Daddy might have it right though, you'll want to wait to find out where that Jumbotron is going before spending any money.  I wonder how the screen will effect the view from the bleachers too.
  • The guys over at HockeeNight have another PUCKCAST (as they're calling it this week) up with Chris from Third Man In.  As always - it's entertaining and you should listen to it.  They've totally hit the bottom of the barrell though for next week's guest - me and Sam.
  • Hey - do you read From The Rink?  If so, then I'm sure you love it and therefore you should go vote for Mirtle's site at the Canadian blog awards.  If you don't read it, what the hell is wrong with you?
  • Finally, some sad news as former Hawk Pit Martin, part of the MPH line,  has passed away after a snowmobile he was riding fell into a lake when the ice he was riding on broke.  March 11th had already been scheduled as a heritage night honoring the MPH line, so I'm sure that will turn into a day of remeberance for Martin.  /