Tweets Of The Week

This is a new weekly feature I'd like to roll out. Seeing as how I've basically engaged in all out Twitter war with the Beaters, I thought it might be best to highlight some of the thoughts that make me really weep for sports media in general. This week, it's almost all Jesse "I put the Racing Form Down" Rogers, with a little help from Sassone.


From today. This one just defies explanation really. It's like saying Brian Scalbrine's PPG is being hurt by not getting to play with Derick Rose. it's really unfathomable how the love for Smith from guys like Rogers and Sassone has gotten so out of hand. If his name were Ben Svenberg or something, they would have been calling for his head for weeks now.

Seriously? Top line? Ben Smith has one goal and is a -6 in just seven games. He's been credited with two hits. Meanwhile, Viktor Stalberg led the team in hits last night, and even though I think that's a crock stat it shows how much higher is activity level was than Smith's, as it's been all year. Jesus God.

No son, he was bad. But you probably missed it with this incredibly stupid argument about Hammer and Niemi we got into...

I won't post it all, because it took forever. But Rogers's point was that Hammer's been a disappointment because he doesn't score enough, and that I can't compare Crawford to Niemi because Crawford never won four rounds in the playoffs. I guess I'm just supposed to ignore that Crawford never had a Norris Trophy winner in front of him with everyone on song, or that Niemi was pretty awful in two of those four playoff rounds, as well as against Vancouver and Detroit last year. Whatever.

Let's end with Tim Sassone tripping all over himself.



So let's be clear, that only took an hour. He should be on the top line, but he's been awful.

This is your Hawks coverage, people. Let's do this again in a week.