Tyler Motte is excited to be returning home to the United Center

Aren’t we all?

Whew. Finally, two weeks later, the Chicago Blackhawks are home from their last Circus Trip.

The Hawks went 3-3-1 as they took an extended tour through western Canada and California, featuring mostly close games, and a couple of thumpings. Seven games in 12 nights is a lot, but when you have to be in a different city for each of those games, it’s just a whole lot more, isn’t it?

So tonight, we welcome the Hawks back home. And Thanksgiving may be over, but Tyler Motte sure seems thankful for that.

Excited to be back at the UC this week!

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Not only is the extensive travel over, but to play in your own building again - in front of your own loud, passionate, awesome fans, in particular - has to be a relief after all of that, so we definitely feel Motte here.

And getting to watch the Hawks in person again? That’s really good, too.