WATCH: Artemi Panarin has a new defenseman to practice with

The cutest defenseman ever.

Artemi Panarin is very, very good at hockey. It’s his second season in the NHL and he’s already got 13 points in 13 games; how could he not be amazing?

But even really good players can always get better. To that end, it looks like Panarin has enlisted the help of a new, enthusiastic defenseman that he can play keep away with.

Новый защитник👆 New defenseman👆

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He has a hard enough time getting the ball away from the dog to begin with!

But that’s gotta be one of the most motivated defensemen I’ve ever seen, which always makes for an excellent practice partner. That dog wants the ball more than any opposing player could ever want the puck. It is also significantly cuter than any opponent Panarin will ever face in his career.

Aw. Panarin’s a great stickhandler - but this is one case where, at the end, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to concede the ball at all.