Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colliton is mad about his team’s compete level

Chicago is 3-6-2 under the new coach.

Blackhawks coach Jeremy Colliton didn’t mince words after the team’s 6-5 loss to the Jets on Thursday night in Winnipeg.

The Blackhawks gave up a goal in the first two minutes of each period, including two in the second, in the loss. It’s the fifth consecutive game Chicago has allowed four or more goals and it has given up 14 goals in its past two outings.

Here’s the complete transcript from the postgame scrum:

Question: Same old story with these starts of the game, and this time it was the start of all three periods. What do you chalk that up to?

JC: We need to get out of our own way. When we get out of our own way we’ll be alright. Until then we’re going to struggle.

Q: A couple guys talked about compete level, that it wasn’t constant. Is that what you see?

JC: Yes, I think that’s about right. I thought defensive zone coverage was much better. And then we had trouble off the rush. We got to put it together. It’s... tough to win until we sort it out. There needs to be some urgency there if there isn’t already, if there hasn’t been already. It’s been long enough now.

Q: These defensive lapses, do you need games or do you need practice?

JC: No, I think we’ve had enough games, we’ve had enough practices. It’s time.

Q: You seem a little more frustrated tonight than you have in previous games. Is that... (interrupted)

JC: Well, we scored five goals on the road against one of the best teams out there and whatever their form is right now, it doesn’t really matter. We need to win that.

Q: How do you coax compete level out of guys? That’s got to come from within, doesn’t it?

JC: Yeah, it does. But I think we’ve got to tell the truth to the team and then they need to respond.

Q: Is it difficult to get stern when you’re new and trying to get the message across?

JC: I’m not new anymore. I’ve been around here long enough. So, it’s time to react.

Q: You feel like they got the message, whatever you told them tonight?

JC: I don’t know. We’ll see next game.

Colliton was promoted from Chicago’s AHL affiliate in Rockford to the team’s head NHL post Nov. 6 when it fired Joel Quenneville. The Blackhawks lost their first three games under Colliton before defeating the Blues 1-0 on Nov. 14. Since then they’ve only picked up two wins and are 3-6-2 overall with Colliton at the helm.