WATCH: Jonathan Toews helps turn baseball into hockey for TV commercial

Also, he gets to brag about his Cups!

If you aren’t familiar with Canadian Tire, it’s basically one of the best stores ever that sells, well, pretty much everything to do with sport, leisure, and the home. It’s a staple across Canada (and yes, it has its own money).

In Canada, October typically means two things: hockey is back, and, if the Toronto Blue Jays are doing well enough (as they did last year and look to be this year), baseball playoffs.

So Canadian Tire took that concept, added Jonathan Toews (and Connor McDavid, and beloved Blue Jay Jose Bautista), and went nuts. Observe:

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Toews working on this particular piece, but this time, he is doing a bit more shilling.

By far the best moment, though? When McDavid mentions their friend will need a cup amidst all of his equipment, Toews just stares off dreamily. "Cup? Man, I got three of them. Silver ones..."