Wave Bye Bye To The Preseason

If anyone was hanging on to the fleeting dream of a full NHL season it looks like you can officially forget about it. A tweet from John Shannon of Sportsnet says that the NHL and it's sock puppet Gary Bettman will announce the cancellation of the remaining preseason games. Nobody should be surprised about this but it shouldn't sit well with anyone either. I have been saying that the Black Friday game on NBC will be the first regular season game we see and I pray to whatever Gods that will listen that I am right. The NHL can't be dumb enough to lose another season and screw the healthy state of their game right in the moon, are they? Common sense needs to take over for greed and the sooner the better. For some reason I am a glass half full kind of guy but even I am starting to worry about no hockey at all this year. Oh well, at least I have tickets to the Rockford IceHogs and the Chicago Wolves on October the 13th to look forward to. The Hogs might be the only way to see some of our Blackhawks on the ice this year.