We're In Heat, We're In Love, But We Just Can't Tell Her So....:Hawks 4, North Stars 1


Gettin in our way? You better believe that's a paddlin'.

The trains keeps a rollin', on to 9 in a row, with the crosshairs firmly set on scum. Earlier this week, the Hawks kicked the shit out of a good team in Philly. Tonight, the Hawks kicked the shit out of a bad team. It was one thing when the Wild were boring but winning. But now, they're boring and bad. It's almost as if they don't want to score.

What is it you want me to say here? This was just a total performance. We could single out a couple individuals. Buff probably had his best game and finally got his big ass where it belongs, in front of the net. Brouwer also looked to be quite active. Hopefully he'll get his goals soon. Huet didn't have much to do, and was good at what he did. Here are the shift charts and Corsi. Interesting that the Hawks don't have anyone in the negative, so that kind of let you know how one sided the game was.

You have got to think Jacque Lemaire must be looking nervously upstairs. The Wild are headed in the wrong direction, and it has looked all season that the Wild players aren't terribly interested in playing for him any more. Gaborik is headed for the door, and it must be real disheartening for players to see that anyone with plus-skill and talent won't stick around. They're dull, can't score, and aren't winning. Minnesota fans probably deserve better.

Nothing I'm going to say is going to make this any sweeter, so I'll get out of the way and let you enjoy it. Biggest week for the Hawks since at least the mid 90's coming up. Can't wait....