Weekend Research Project

With the Convention kicking off, McClure off to a wedding (not his), Kills on festival duty for Two Brothers, and me in post-Indian relaxation period, we're not going to make much of an effort today or this weekend. The Convention starts tonight, if you're going any of the days feel free to post a wrap in the Fanpost section. If it's good enough we'll move it to the front page.

However, there is something we'd like to you talk about this weekend in this thread. We have something of a conundrum.

One of the charms of this site, I like to think, and The Indian is our frequent use of nicknames for players. It's funny, it's entertaining, it shows a dedication to the team that separates us from actual journalists, it creates our own language that makes you feel part of something once you understand (which I get takes a while).

From the outset of The Indian and our old site, we have referred to Jonathan Toews as "Captain Marvel". It was more fun than Captain Serious, which was basically bestowed upon him, it made a reference to comic books which we always like because we're nerds, and I stole it from coverage of English soccer, which you know I love to do. People seemed to be down with it.

You other nerds probably would have seen this, then. Marvel Comics is rebranding Captain Marvel as a woman. Now, strictly as varying levels of comic fans, it's good to see a female hero being introduced again, as they've been woefully under-served in this world.

But it does provide a debate for us. Can we continue to reference our captain as a hero that now has no Y chromosome? Or do we finally leave behind the tired and derogatory notion that calling someone a woman (or part of a woman) somehow means they're weak and helpless? Because anyone with an IQ over that of an amoeba knows which is the far tougher sex and which puts up with far more shit to get where they are.

We may deal with crap from other fanbases if we stick with that moniker. We may not care. There are other options, as we've toyed with Toews as Judge Dredd in the past.


So I leave it to you, SCH-ers. What do we do with the Captain Marvel moniker for Jonathan Toews?