Welcoming all the New Kids to Second City Hockey and to SBN

Not a huge shock really - but yesterday was the busiest day in the history of Second City Hockey in terms of visitors and page views.  So much like I did when I welcomed people who might be coming over when SBN first got us featured on Yahoo! I thought it'd be a good time to say hello to all the new people coming to the site - we hope you stick around.

Here's the quick history again - I started a blog that sucked so I won't even link to it.  Sam joined up because he was starting up The Committed Indian.  Mirtle asked us to join up with SB Nation and we jumped at the opportunity.  Then we added McClure to write on the site with the hopes of it leading to more content but really we write the same amount with more people leaving more to drink or play video games... sometimes both at the same time.

That's about it - we hope you stick around and join in the discussion in the comments.

The most helpful thing you can do if you're a newcomer to the site is probably read this post - including the comments.  Otherwise you'll probably have no idea what we're talking about when someone says something like "I think it'd be a good idea to pair up Shooter with Daydream Nation again".

I'm lazy too so I'm going to suggest you also read this great post over at Defending Big D to learn more about FanPosts and FanShots.