Well, Allow John McDonough to Retort: Responds to Martin Havlat and Others

So McD has descended from his castle to take the time to answer some of the things to float around here, and quite frankly I'm not less upset than I was about this whole thing.  It's my job to be the hothead of this site, and it's a role I play well.  Some points:

On the RFA snafu:  "But as far as the clerical error is concerned, that's an organizational mistake. Ultimately, I'm responsible for what goes on in the organization, so ultimately I'll take that responsibility."

But Tallon's the one to lose his job?  While at first refuting the claim that Tallon was fired over this, he then later admitted during the press conference that without it, Tallon wouldn't have been fired.  So who's taking responsibility for what here?

McD goes on to claim that he never talked to Havlat or his agent, but that's not what was being said.  The story is that he stopped Tallon from resigning Havlat, i.e. interferring with hockey operations which is exactly what he said he wouldn't do.  He then goes on to claim he had nothing to do with the signings of Campbell and Huet, though they were "excellent uses of Rocky Wirtz's resources", even though we've all seen multiple interviews where McD has said these signing were to be used as a clear signal to the rest of the league that Chicago was now a destination.  Gee, sounds like you had something to do with it, John.

Apparently, Stan Bowman's a cap expert and has "a plan" to solve our upcoming cap headaches (which isn't as big of a headache as our rivals would like to believe)

So, he couldn't share this "plan" with Tallon as GM...why?  Stan has all the answers but won't share them because he's not in the Captain's Chair?  And if you are so concerned with our cap problems, Mr. McDonough, why did Dale get the green light?  It's clear you value his talent evaluation and drafting, seeing as how he was allowed to handle those with a foot squarely placed behind his ass.

I'm going to have to repeat this again and again I feel, but this RFA snafu cost the Hawks, AT MOST, an extra million on Versteeg, and that's it.  If Barker had waited out for arbitration, assuming he had gotten his qualifying offer in time, he would have gotten exactly what he got anyway, though with a fuckload more animosity.  I already did the numbers here for similar d-men.  Versteeg would have been given at least 2 million in arbitration or offer sheet, more likely 2.5, and signed for 3.1.  This thing is so overblown I can only assume it'll be buried at Staples Center (not sure that joke works but we'll try it).

McD's act has worn real thin in a mere 19 months.  I used to defend him when people were worried about what he did at Wrigley.  I thought, and still do believe, that McD was a master marketed who sold the park and atmosphere at Clark and Addison simply because he had no choice, what with the team being such dogshit.  He's still a master marketer, but has revealed himself to be a power-hungry meglomaniac, and I don't trust him as far as I can throw up whiskey (I'm not a projectile guy).

What really worries me is what happens if Stan isn't up to it?  Is Scotty going to "advise" McD and Rocky that his own son needs to go?  How much rope does "their guy" get?  No one knows, and that's not a good thing.