We've Done Four Already But Now We're Leddy, And Then They Went, "One, Two, Three, Four"

-Just a couple quick notes today. Leddy is going to get first crack at replacing Brian Campbell, as he will skate with Niklas Hjalmarsson tonight against St. Louis at the UC. Go get 'em kid, I'd love nothing better than to be wrong about you.

-Haven't seen an official lineup, but I imagine Morin will get another chance to skate on the Top 6 somewhere.  No word on if Skille is going to play, but I would doubt it.  His spot's assured and could use the rest before things kick off at the Centre de Pepsi.

-Turco goes the route tonight.

-Game's on WGN, you can use this as your game thread, and remember that McClure will be tweeting from the UC and I from my couch, so be sure to check that out.

-Bear Down.