What We All Come To Need: Hawks at Canucks Game 6 Preview/Pregame Thread/Pants Party

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GAMETIME: 8:30pm

TV/RADIO: CSN (for the locals), VS. (For the American Transplants), CBC (For Hawks61 and Chico), WIND- 560am

Canucks Cattle Call: Nucks Miscounduct

And what we need is 60 minutes. 60 minutes of simple, playoff hockey. 60 minutes without the cutesy passing when a shot is required, 60 minutes of getting the puck out of the zone and no silly home run passes. 60 minutes bereft of aiming for the top corners and simply getting the puck on net. 60 minutes of crashing the crease and picking up the rebounds that will likely be there. 60 minutes of knocking off the bullshit and playing the game, and winning the battles that define the playoffs. Do that, and we'll move on down the West Coast.

Score first. Take a lead into the 1st intermission (which the Hawks have failed to do this series). Let the Canucks spend the break getting a look at the abyss that is quickly approaching. See if they can maintain their structure and discipline under those circumstances. We know they can't maintain the latter if they have to chase the game. The Hawks breathed life far too early into the Canucks in Game 5, in a game where they really didn't have much to lose (who expected them to win? Canucks fans were writing their obits for the most part). Niemi needs to make some saves early, prove he won't be rattled by the early goal he gave up Sunday. Punish what was already a suspect defensive corps that is now getting more and more beat up.

I said it yesterday, this feels like the game where Sharp and Hossa really come to the fore. Stay out of the box, Marian. Continue to harass defenders and make their life hell. Keep getting the chances you have been, you'll bury them tonight. Oh, and keep Jordan Hendry off the ice as much as possible. Sharpen up your game, Bolland-Ladd-Versteeg. Remember you had the Sedins off their game by simply being everywhere they were. Do that again.

There are no secrets any more. We know what they're going to do, they know what we're going to do. But they knew what we were going to do in Games 3 and 4, and were powerless to stop it. Even if the Canucks play their game, we beat them in Game 2 doing that, we can do it again. They still want to be where we are, remember that, and use it.

They caught us with a lack of urgency in Game 5, i can't imagine the Hawks will make that mistake again. They got a wonderful performance from Luongo. Get in his face, make some saves impossible to make, and there's nothing he can do. Be Rex Ryan, be a fucking killer! Fucking kill!.

Let me try this one more time: TO THE CLIFFS!