Who is your Second Round MVP for the Hawks?

We tried this poll for the first round - so while we wait to see who the Hawks will take on in Round 3 lets do it again.

We tried to include who we thought the front runners would be but we probably left someone deserving out.

In my mind, the MVP is between Buff and Campbell.

These six games were arguably the best we've ever seen Campbell.  He was his normal self carrying the puck, setting up chances and skating laps around the neutral zone (some of the best skating we've seen from him) but the biggest surprise was how solid he was on defense.  Never known as a good defender, Campbell really stepped up his game.  He was +5 for the series and made some stunning plays to break up chances for the Nucks.  Who knew he had it in him?

Buff wasn't a factor on the score sheet but his 32 recorded hits made himself known to the Canucks.  You can listen to the Nucks say they didn't notice him or Luongo downplay his presence in front of the net but I wouldn't put much stock in it.  Using means legal and other Buff was a constant headache for the Canucks.  How much of the sub-par performance of Lou was a result of Buff's harrassment?  Hard to say...

Ultimately, I'm voting Soupy on this one...

Who is your Hawk MVP for the second round?  - If it's "Someone else" let us know who and why in the comments.

Who was the Blackhawks MVP for the Second Round?

Patrick Kane (6 G, 2 A, first career hat trick)226
Brian Campbell (1 G, 4 A, 9 SOG, 3 BS, 4 Hits)74
Dustin Byfuglien (2 G, 1 A, 32 Hits)222
Dave Bolland (4 G, 2 A)84
Andrew Ladd (1 GWG, 1 A, 17 Hits)10
Someone Else14