Who you got? Picking the Stanley Cup winners

Yeah - I know the Hawks are done but there's still some hockey left to be played this season.  Hurts more than usual, don't it?

I'll be watching the games but the quesiton is, who to put my faith in.

Well actually - to me, it's no question at all.  There's no way I could ever ever hope for the Scum to win the whole thing.  Impossible. It helps too that I have a few very good friends who are big Penguins fans and I'm hoping for their happiness.  So I'm throwing my lot in with the rest of those rooting for the black and gold.

From looking at some of the comments in some of the other threads though it seems some of you hate Pittsburgh more than you do Detroit which is shocking to me.  I know that the NHL and the media shoves Sidney and the Pens down our throats but that hasn't ever really bothered me much.  Or at least, it doesn't bother me as much as seeing Detroit skate around with the cup again.

So who you got?

Who are you rooting for in the Stanley Cup Finals?

Penguins - the only obvious choice266
Scum - I'm pulling a Chelios and I'm a traitor182
The meteor128