Winter Classic tickets gone?

So after being told in the comments of a previous post that someone actually had already bought tickets to the Classic I put on a detective hat (looks just like a normal hat - that's the sneaky part) and tried to find out more information about it.  The only thing I saw announcing that tickets were going out was at the bottom of an article by Chris Kuc in an article this past Saturday.  It's two sentences so it's easy to miss:

Winter Classic tickets: Those who signed up at for a chance to buy tickets to the Detroit game on New Year's Day are being notified by e-mail with a special one-time password. On Monday, they will have the opportunity to try to buy two tickets.

Since the Hawks haven't said anything about it - and none of the 15 people I got to sign up for me heard anything - I'm SOL along with a lot of others.  So out of curiousity - I went over to StubHub to see what they had.  As of 10:50 this morning, there were 2,301 tickets for sale to the Winter Classic.  Assuming Wrigley will hold 40,000 people, that's  5.75% of all the tickets.  And I'm assuming that number will go up as tickets are constanly being bought and more are being put up on the site.  The cheapest seat on StubHub at the moment is one single ticket for the bleachers at $170, close to $100 more than it would cost at face value.  The most expensive is a group of 6 tickets for $9,999 each in a section that isn't even listed on StubHub's seating chart of Wrigley but couldn't have cost more than $325, right?

The problem that I'm guessing many of us are facing (at least I know I am) is that I can actually afford to buy a ticket - but not easily.  If I really want to I can save up for a bit, maybe cut back on Christmas gifts (sorry brother - you're getting shit this year) or quit drinking for a while to save money (absolute last resort).  But now I'm questioning if it's really worth it.  I can only imagine the cheaper seats will go up in price (and hopefully no one buys those tickets for $10K - fuck whatever asshole is selling them).

So the great internal debate begins - in the meantime I'll be signing up for every contest I see to win tickets.  I might even buy a car from whatever dealership Mikita is shilling for these days.  Good Luck to all you others in your search.

Also - check out HockeeNight's Puckcast from last night by either going to their site (as you should be anyways) or just clicking this little button below to hear Sam and I ramble about the Hawks for about an hour.

Topics include: sending Versteeg after a blogger, blowing up Wrigley Field, a few jokes at Ronnie Woo Woo's expense, and having your wife leave you for Mark Messier - Good times.  Thanks again to Fork and CT for having us on.