With the 28th overall pick in the 2009 SBN Mock Draft...


Second City Hockey is proud to pick Joonas Nattinen, center for Espoo Blues

With Versteeg, Sharp, Burish and Kane having all played out of their normal positions last season, it's obvious the Hawks need some help at the pivot.  Hopefully, Nattinen can provide some depth down the road in possibily the Hawks weakest position.  The scouting report on Nattinen (or as Mjthor has already dubbed him - Natti Ice) also shows he's a skater that isn't afraid to drive to the net, plant himself there and isn't afraid to go behind the net and win some battles.  In the WJC, Natti Ice also was a force on the draw, winning 63% of the time.

Now, it should also be mentioned that not only do none of us know anything about draft prospects but we didn't study much coming into it.  McClure and I pretty much just threw names back and forth for half an hour or so.  So we could have really screwed the pooch here.  Also, I really suck at fantasy drafts (passed on Malkin this year) so I have almost no credibility.  I've worked myself into think Nattinen actually is a good choice though so we'll see where he actually ends up.

Here's more info - talk about our pick in the comments.

Joonas Nattinen - Center - 6'2" - 180 Lbs.

Shoots: Right

DOB: 1/3/91

Born: Jamsa, Finland

Blues Jr - Finland GP G A P PIM
08/09 Joonas Nattinen 30 9 29 38 6

So those stats look good - when moved up to the Senior team though he went 14 games without a point but did manage 4 PIM. On the U20 team he played 5 games and had 4 points with no PIM. So there's room for improvement.