You Better Start Swimmin' Or You'll Sink Like A Stone - Penguins @ Blackhawks Preview, Game Thread, Runoff Election

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Game Time: 2:30 PM
TV/Radio: The One With Parks & Recreation, WGN-AM 720
Yinzers Uber Alles: PensBurgh

Based on the comments, not all of us are aboard the bus heading to doom, despair and an exit from the season on April 10th. Which is good.. I'm not there yet either but I'm inching closer with a ticket in hand. Sadly, it'll be games like this that really decide our future... even if two points will keep us in exactly the same spot as we are right now... which is soundly outside the playoff picture.

Today we welcome in whatever is left of the Pittsburgh Penguins. We all know that Geno is missing the rest of the year and that would be enough to put a damper on anyone's season... added to that though, Sidney Crosby's brain is evidently in the same shape as that banana I've had sitting on top of my microwave for the past month. Throw in a few extra injuries to Kunitz, Tangredi, Asham and about 19 others and it's damn near a miracle that they Pens still in 4th place in the East. They're still 6-4-0 in the last 10 games and are gutting out wins without about half their squad. Their role players are filling in admirably but it's the blue line that's really carrying this team. We've mentioned in the past but if we had any votes (and thank god we don't) we'd be marking an X next to Kris Letang for the Norris. He's paired with Brooks Orpik who continues to look like he has a great recipe for liver, fava beans and chianti but also allows Letang to really shine. In the net, Marc Andre Fleury is having himself a nice little year even if it is inconsistent. For a while, it seemed like he was in danger of losing his starting role but he's turned it around when it matters and backed the Pens during their long winning streak leading up to the Winter Classic. Oh, and professional fuckstick Matt Cooke is back from his suspension just in time for a rematch with Duncan Keith.


And now it's taking me damn near 20 minutes to decide what the fuck to say about the Blackhawks that we haven't beaten into the ground. At this point, every game is damn near a must win for this struggling team. Especially when you're facing a team as worn down as the Penguins are today. Making things even more frustrating is the Hawks ability to show flashes of what we've expected all season. The first period on Friday was great and we haven't seen Daydream Nation and Sharp look that dominate in a while... yet they're still finding ways to fuck it all up. It can't happen anymore... I feel like the three of us have written that statement close to 50 times already this year though. So we'll see what they can pull together. You know what they have to do and so do they... so fucking do it already. Actions, not words.

Lets Go Hawks