You Can Lose It So Quick: Jacket 3 - Hawks 2 Delayed Wrap

As Saturday night home games tend to do, we have a delayed wrap this morning.  By now you've either seen the game or the highlights, so let's just get to the points:

-Although a loss to that outfit from Ohio is unquestionably a bad loss, I don't know that the Hawks were awful last night, until the 3rd at least.  They pretty much controlled play in the first 38 minutes except for a flash here and there.  They were up two.  But they didn't put the Jackets away, as they didn't create too many chances in the 2nd that Mason had to bail the Jackets out of.  Then Kane and Dowell completely fell asleep as Voracek outmuscled Keith down the right wing.  Think about all that in that sentence.  This left Brassard completely open to tap home.  Then Brouwer, sensing his team dropping a bit tried to get them going with a big hit.  But that turned into a bad and deserved penalty.  Now you're killing for five minutes and giving the opponent immense life.  And that's how quickly a game can get away from you.

-But 20 shots in the 3rd to that team isn't acceptable in any way.

-What the fuck is it going to take, Dave Bolland? Last night you were given one of the hottest players on the planet on your wing in Marian Hossa, and you were able to suck the life out of his game too. You look hesitant with the puck, and are constantly fumbling. Are you hurt? Are you tense? When Hossa didn't work they put Kane on your wing, and though he's been no monster yet this season either, all you could do with that was take an obvious and moronic interference call setting a pick that all 21,000 could see. Do you not care? Are you just waiting for April? The Hawks need you now.

-And Patrick Kane should be told that the Wrigleyville hosebags will wait, he should worry about his job.

-CORSI.  From that you can see that the Jackets generated most of their work on the power play, because these aren't horrible.

-One day, we're going to find out what Jordan Hendry did to Coach Q, and we'd better be horrified because I don't know why I'm watching John Scott.

-Jassen Cullimore once again was more than acceptable, as was Corey Crawford.

-Obviously, Sharp and Daydream Nation have a unique chemistry.  But if Bolland is going to continue to be a Picasso piece on ice than that provides the Hawks with only one line.

-The Hawks have the day off, so should you.  Bear Down.