Your Delayed Wrap

Sorry folks, couldn't get to it until now for reasons you won't care about. Anyway, after last night I feel like Neo at the end of The Matrix telling the machines...wait, machines was Terminator. Well, whatever, telling the enemy that he didn't know where we go from here, but that's it's up to them. Yeah, that made total sense. Sundays are not good for the creativity, even if you're watching The Muse (Sharon Stone still looks hot).

Anyway, the word I keep coming back to after the loss is exposed. The Hawks were exposed as thin as we feared, with their top players possibly buckling under the weight of all that's being asked of them. Coach Q did go as we thought he might, and fought fire with fire by pitting Toews against Getzlaf all night. And actually, on the balance of play -- if you judge by the CORSI -- the Hawks top line held their own. But under the crush of keeping the Trio of Destruction off the scoresheet, which they couldn't do, they also couldn't produce anything on their own. And when the top line was at best equaled out, the rest of the Hawks simply couldn't even threaten. Did Emery have big saves to make? I don't remember any.

And again, as was the familiar refrain earlier in the year, the Hawks were beaten with the two guys on the ice specifically designed from keeping them so, Marlboro 72. Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan score on a lot of people to be sure, but Keith and Seabrook are supposed to be the Hawks trump card. They weren't last night in the 3rd. On the first Ducks goal, with a 3-on-2 against both Seabrook and Keith decided that both Ryan and Getzlaf were more dangerous than a completely free Perry on his forehand with an open net to shoot at. Where was Ryan gonna go along the boards on his backhand?

On the second, Seabrook just hot horsed by Getzlaf in the corner, which will happen, and Keith opted for the bend at the waist and reach ploy instead of getting into Perry to keep him from turning to his forehand. Again, there's a reason this is the best line in hockey right now, but the Hawks kept the game at a margin where two mistakes were going to cost them everything.

Now the Hawks almost have to get three of four at least from trips to Detroit and Boston. I don't know the future. Where we go from here is a choice I leave to the Hawks.

Any Other Thoughts?

-Not especially, as the Hawks really didn't do much to comment on. The Ducks were excellent in their coverage, and as I had read and briefly seen the injury to Hiller has them playing a far more solid defensive game. Can you remember an odd-man rush the Hawks had? There was always a third man high ready to get back, which is why the Ducks didn't have that many chances either. With their size, if the Ducks can keep the game in the trenches, they're really hard to deal with. Especially when you're built for the exact opposite, as the Hawks are.

-Still nothing to report on Kruger. I'll have a first opinion after the Jackets game I think.

-The Stars  losing is a big help. I think the Hawks are going to have to go out of their way to miss the playoffs, but with this schedule they could easily do that.

-The Hawks took two dumb offensive zone penalties, and got away with it. That should have meant a victory.

-Whatever. Enjoy your Sunday, we'll reconvene for a date with Scum tomorrow.