2019 edition: Which Chicago pro sports team will win a championship next?

The Cubs won the city’s last title in 2016.

With Major League Baseball on its All-Star break, the North American sports world has all but come to a halt (four U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal matches) resulting in one of the slowest sports news cycles of the year.

The city of Chicago lined the streets for four championship parades in six years this decade, including three for the Blackhawks (2010, ‘13, ‘15) and one for the Cubs in 2016. Which Chicago team will be the first to hoist a championship trophy again?

Bears (NFL)

Last title: Super Bowl XX — 1986

Closest since: Super Bowl XLI — 2007

Blackhawks (NHL)

Last title: Stanley Cup — 2015

Closest since: First round — 2017

Bulls (NBA)

Last title: NBA championship — 1998

Closest since: Eastern Conference Final — 2011

Cubs (MLB)

Last title: World Series — 2016

Closest since: National League Championship Series — 2017

Fire (MLS)

Last title: MLS Cup — 1998; U.S. Open Cup — 2006

Closest since: Knockout round — 2017; U.S. Open Cup semifinals — 2018

Red Stars (NWSL)

Last title: Never — Founded in 2006

Closest: Semifinals — 2015 to 2018

Sky (WNBA)

Last title: Never — Founded in 2005

Closest: WNBA Finals — 2014

White Sox (MLB)

Last title: World Series — 2005

Closest since: American League Divisional Series — 2008

SCH’s picks

Brandon: Red Stars, Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks, Sky, White Sox, Fire, Bulls

Brad: Bears, Red Stars, Blackhawks, Sky, Cubs, White Sox, Fire, Bulls

Dave: Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Red Stars, Sky, Fire, Bulls

Matt: Cubs, Red Stars, Bears, Blackhawks, White Sox, Bulls, Sky, Fire

Shalyn: Bears, Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Red Stars, Sky, Fire, Bulls

Shepard: Blackhawks, Red Stars, Bears, White Sox, Sky, Bulls, Fire, Cubs

Which Chicago team will win a championship next?

Red Stars11
White Sox60

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