"And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords" - SBN announces partnership with Yahoo!

So I don't know how many of you take a look around the other sites here at SB Nation (and if you don't, you should because there are some awesome sites here) but if you do you may have noticed a lot of people talking about a partnership with Yahoo!

To learn the official stance on it - Check out the Blog Huddle.

Honestly, I don't know how it'll impact this site.  For now we've got a neat little box on the Blackhawks team page over at Yahoo! and from what I gather there are quite a few more changes going on that are rolling out soon.

So if you're here from Yahoo! - Welcome aboard.  In case you want to know a little more about us, here's our quick history.

I'm Matthew aka ChicagoKill.  I started a blog over the summer (perfect time to start a hockey blog by the way) called Here Come The Hawks.  I don't encourage you to read it as 90% of it is absolute garbage.

Shortly after that, I got in touch with Sam who was starting up a new version of The Blue Line that he calls The Committed Indian.  The Indian is a fan program very similar to the The Blue Line (if you remember that) and Sam puts together a new issue for every home game and is out in front of the United Center selling it before every game.  It's cheap, it's funny and it does actually include some interesting hockey information too.  So if you go to a home game - buy it.  You can even subscribe to it via email here

Early into the season, Mirtle emailed me seeing if we wanted to join up with him and his blogger army here SB Nation.  We jumped at the chance and quickly ruined this site.

Actually, I think we're slowly building a pretty fun place to go to talk about the Hawks and we've got a nice little community going.  Our game threads are building up to the point where there's a good discussion going on and every once in a while Sam or I posts something I think is actually worth reading (very rare).

We drink, we swear, write esoteric headlines and we have a nice friendly rivalry with St. Louis Game Time that occasionally gets out of hand.  That's about it.

Oh, and for good overview of all the ways to get involved - check out this post over BCB.  But don't worry about all the rules they put in place, we're not big sticklers for grammar, being non-offensive, or sobriety.  Just have fun.

To the "regulars", this shouldn't change the site or the way we write (with the possible exception of less vague headlines) so please welcome aboard any new fans we may get.  This should be fun.