April 21st - Beard of the Day - Bill Hicks


We had a call on Twitter to re-use George Carlin as a Beard of the Day. If anyone is able to cut through all the bullshit going on in this series (from suspensions, shitty officiating and horrible goals) it would be Saint George. Sadly, we try our best to not repeat any beards and we stand by that.

Lucky for us, we haven't used someone who is just as good at calling out bullshit - the late, great Bill Hicks. Perhaps no one is better at cutting through and rallying against mediocrity, blind consumerism and hypocrisy than Hicks. Though he passed away far too early in 1994 - it's amazing how relevant his material still is to this day.

I spent a good 30 minutes trying to find something of his work that would limit the number of people we piss off on this site today but realized it might be damn near impossible. So fair warning - listen only if you're not easily offended. And if you do get offended by this. Do us a favor and keep it to yourself.