Back To Base: Flyers @ Blackhawks Game 5 Preview, Pre-Game Thread, Distillery Tour

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Game Time: 7:00 Central
TV/Radio: NBC (from here on out), WGN720
Liberty Bells: Broad Street Hockey, Flyers Goal Scored By

So how many times since Friday night have you said or heard something along the lines of "It's not a series until the home team loses"? Quite a few I'd imagine, I know I have. But maybe like me, you're just sick of it at this point. Now we're here at a best of 3 series with the Hawks obviously still holding the home ice advantage that has been oh so crucial in this series.

Word out of the morning skate was Ladd was resting his shoulder but that he will play tonight after having a decent game Friday (from the little bit of the game I saw anyway).  The lines also didn't seem to change with Buff still staying up on the top line with Daydream Nation.  Jessie Rogers thinks that's all mind games though.  Sam made the call for Q to jumble things up and I can't say I disagree.  We know Q has no problem changing things up but the real question will be what moves he'll make.  Does he simply drop Byfuglien off the top line or does he split up Toews and Kane?  The Hawks need someway to get around Pronger and either of those scenarios could work. Buff is obviously losing the battle that everyone was hyping before the series and it's dragging Toews and Kane down with him (or Pronger could just be dominating them too).  One way or the other, Q will be trying to get them away from that gap-toothed behemoth. We likely won't see what Q's got up his sleeves until game time.

At home Q is going to get the match-ups he wants which will help since the Flyers were able to take advantage of the quick changes the Hawks made. There's no need to go into how important the game is going to be, it's the season and it's likely the series. Toews and the rest of the Hawks have been saying the right things to the press, now it's time for them to get out there and show it on the ice.

Lets Go Hawks