Beard Of The Day - 4/21 - Mickey O'Neil


Such is extent of the SCH hive mind that I had actually planned on using Mickey the Pikey as today's beard before seeing Hack's caption this morning, and Hack himself was unaware of it. Synergy on all fronts here.

In any event, Mickey O'Neil seems like a fitting choice after what we've seen transpire in this series. Capable of throwing a devastating right hook at any time, and fully confident in his use of it, Mickey is content to otherwise avoid all training, preparation, and logical strategy for his fights. Mickey is unbathed, tattooed, unintelligible and scraggly bearded, which is also fitting for a team filled with youngsters and/or boys from Western Canada. And neither are capable of taking a dive in the 4th (be it a round or game), even if doing so would be the easiest way out. We can only hope that the Hawks have a plan just as Mickey did to ultimately keep themselves from getting fucked. I mean, proper fucked.