Blackhawks mauled by Coyotes in 6-1 loss

That hurt. That really hurt.

Game recap? That was painful to watch.

The Arizona Coyotes defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 6-1 on Monday night in Glendale. That’s right. The now 14-32-10 Coyotes beat the 24-24-8 Blackhawks. We won’t sugar coat this for you ... that game was hard to watch.

Arizona scored a season-high six goals in the game.

Chicago lost to the ‘Yotes for the first time in four years.

Jeff Glass replaced Anton Forsberg at the 7:06 mark in the second period after Forsberg allowed three goals in a period and a half. Glass allowed three more goals over roughly the same amount of time.

A bright spot? Alex DeBrincat scored his 20th goal of the season in the only tally for the Hawks. But...

The Hawks immediately head to Las Vegas to face the second best team in the NHL tomorrow night.

Nothing seemed to go right for Chicago tonight, and it led to a tough night from start to finish.

CHI Goals: DeBrincat (20)
ARI Goals: Domi (4), Keller (16), Goligoski (7), Rieder (7), Cousins (10), Dvorak (9)

The Take

It’s safe to say that the majority of this fanbase (and fans of this site) can all agree that nobody truly expected the Chicago Blackhawks to win a Stanley Cup this season - especially since we found out that Marian Hossa would be on long term injured reserve before any players took the ice. After watching Arizona score their third goal of the evening, the depressing reality of “this team probably won’t make the playoffs this year, will they” hit hard. The Hawks just lost to a team that have only won seven of their 27 games played at home...that’s less than ideal.

It’s okay to start lamenting the inevitable fate of the 2018 season, and some would say it’s 100 percent appropriate. Chicago will still have four players to rally around next season, three of which will be looking for “rebound seasons.” Their starting goaltender should be healthy again, and back to playing to the best of his abilities once again (seriously...he’s Top 5 in the league).

This one stung ... it really stung. But there’s enough faith in this organization to turn things around before the “championship window” closes for good. This too shall pass, there’s always next year.

3 stars

1. Max Domi (ARI) — 1 goal, 1 assist

2. Clayton Keller (ARI) — 1 goal, 1 assist

3. Alex DeBrincat (CHI) — 20th goal of the season, 6th youngest player in franchise history to reach 20 goals in their rookie season.