Blackhawks Defeat Predators To Advance: Canucks vs. Blackhawks: Round 2

Either McClure or Fels will be along in the morning with a full recap of tonight's game... it should come to no surprise that they're out celebrating at the moment. For now though, we've got what we all expected - a first round victory against the division rival Nashville Predators.

First of all - a hats off to the Predators and all their fans. While we did expect the Hawks to win this round - I doubt any of us really thought it would have been up in the air for so long. Maybe that's a result of Chicago fans/media discounting a small market team like Nashville... but I don't think any Predators fans should be unhappy with the effort put forth by this team (the last minute and OT of Game 5 excluded obviously). And of course - a big thanks to everyone at On the Forecheck for a great series with a lot of quality back and forth that made the whole thing a lot more fun. I know the Predators will continue to be a thorn in the side of the Blackhawks for a while now.. and it feels good to say I hate you all a little more than I did about a week and half ago.

Now things get really fun though - a rematch between the Blackhawks and Canucks. The Nucks are quickly moving up the "most hated" list and have possibly eclipsed the Red Wings for the "most hated" banner in many fans' hearts. I know I think their team is a group of gutless whiny punks.. and I'm sure they feel the same about ours. I know the boys and girls over at Nucks Misconduct are getting themselves pumped up for the next few games.

Tonight - celebrate.  Tomorrow - get ready.

Lets Go Hawks