Brian Campbell: Chicago ‘is my hometown’ now

It was a no-brainer for Campbell to come back to Chicago, even though it meant taking a discount.

The Chicago Blackhawks’ salary cap situation could be better.

Granted, it isn’t terrible where it’s at now. With just under $2 million in space, the Hawks are prepared - for this season, at least.

One of the contracts that make them so prepared? Brian Campbell, and the one-year, $1.5 million deal he signed - despite him obviously being worth much, much more than that.

But the Blackhawks wouldn’t have been able to afford him at the value he would have commanded on the open market. And so, a discount: all so Campbell could come back home.

As Chris Hine detailed for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago is home for Campbell and his family. Definitely give it a read, because it details everything that has made Chicago so special for Campbell, and how there was no option for him other than to come back to the Hawks.

It’s probably going to be a great year - and Soupy is probably going to be a major part of that.