Chicago Blackhawk Bars and Events - World Domination Edition

So I know it's late in the season for this but we got something started last year with our Transplant Map (over on your left.  That's still able to be updated too... just email me).  We're going to take it a step further though... we want to know the places you go to in your cities to meet up with other Hawks fans to watch the games and of course, drink delicious nutritious alcohol (nutrition is debateable).  SBN is doing some cool work of putting together a master list of these locations for all sorts of teams and all sorts of bars.

We'd like to get a list of bars that you hit up when you watch Hawks games and we will use this thread as a Directory of sorts for Blackhawk bars -- anywhere in the world. SBN has created this form that you can fill out to easily submit this information and/or you can leave your comments in this thread.  Let us know if your bars are doing any Blackhawk related events too... just cause
A head's up... this won't be the last time you see this info so always be on the lookout for Blachawk bars in whatever city you go to and let us know.  As I said, we're putting together a new directory feature in the coming weeks that's going to take your recommendations along with other information we gather and provide some features for connecting Hawks fans through booze ... and each other, anywhere in the world. (Don't be afraid.)

Also, go check out Sports Bar Nation for more great ideas on where to drink.  

UPDATE:  Oh, I forgot to mention - if you're the one of the only ones who goes to your bar.. or maybe just the only one.. post it anyway.  You never know if there's someone else in the area who is also looking for a good bar to catch a game at.