Second City Hockey’s ‘State of the Franchise’ series

We examine how the Blackhawks went from the 2015 Stanley Cup run to a potential lottery team again.

Since winning the Stanley Cup in 2015, the Blackhawks have not won a playoff series. They forced a seventh game in a valiant comeback against the Blues in 2016 which ultimately fell short. That was followed by a first-round sweep at the hands of the Predators then the first season without a playoff appearance in a decade.

With the Blackhawks on their way to a second straight season without a playoff appearance, again hovering closer to the bottom of the NHL standings than ever expected — and on their bye week —  it’s time to take a long look at everything related to the franchise.

We’ll do that in our “State of the Franchise” series, as we examine how the Blackhawks reached this point, where the organization stands right now and how it’ll move forward from this position.