Corey Crawford goes berserk on Robby Fabbri after collision in Game 4


Corey Crawford said following the Blackhawks' Game 3 loss to the Blues that the team needed to get pissed off. Midway through Game 4 on Tuesday, Crawford showed everyone just how pissed off he was by going attack mode on Robby Fabbri following a collision near the net.

Maybe the most amazing part? This whole sequence GAVE THE BLACKHAWKS A POWER PLAY. Yes, Crawford went berserk after getting ran into by an opponent, decided to bail on the whole hockey thing to go fight him and the net result was a man advantage for his team.

The Blackhawks went on to capitalize on the power play with a Duncan Keith goal and take a 2-1 lead. If you had to guess what would be the turning point in this game, I'm guessing nobody would've suggested Crawford brawling someone. That's what just happened, though, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. Clearly, nobody should get Crawford angry.