Corey Crawford, Scott Darling went retro for the Winter Classic

It’s the first time they did, and boy did they look good.

The Chicago Blackhawks have had their fair share of outdoor games to date - but never before have Corey Crawford and Scott Darling looked so good.

We know they’re willing to mix things up with their gear. While many goalies will go with standard white pads, both are willing to go with something that matches the Hawks jersey a little more; and Darling’s masks are always a good draw - especially when he goes hardcore local Chicago boy on us.

But to go for the full retro rook for an outdoor game? It was long overdue for them, as both admitted to Blackhawks TV.

The old brown pads and sticks look absolutely gorgeous, and definitely worthy for a special, classic occasion like this. The game itself may not have gone perfectly - though Crawford did make over 30 saves in his sweet gear - but they definitely looked good out there.