Desert Sessions - Conference Quarterfinal Schedule Released

As everyone is well aware of by now, with their win over the Minnesota Wild (who does that, really?) the Phoenix Coyotes earned their first ever divisional crown, Pacific or otherwise, dating back all the way to their Winnipeg Jets 1.0 days.

In doing so they've now earned a date with our beloved Men of Four Feathers. With the playoff schedule just being released moments ago, it's time for everyone to take a gander.


As we can see, there'll be a nice national TV audience to start the series which will be great for the transplants, though it's unclear if there will still be a CSN broadcast for us locals. The first game on West Madison starts a little later than usual to accommodate the Phoenix audience, but then curiously jumps an hour earlier for game 4. Whatever.

In the next few days we'll have more on the matchups and a breakdown of the opponent. It's the calm before the storm...or something.