Frolik Going To Convention? Signed?

While nothing is official as of yet, it seems like our latest Czech savior will be joining all the sweaty masses at the Convention this weekend (hockey sweaters aren't meant for July, people... they're called sweaters for a reason). Jesse Rogers initially reported yesterday that Michael Frolik might be attending the convention. Certainly a good sign but nothing solid. This morning though, Tracey Meyers re-tweeted a post from some dude named Pavel Barta saying he'd spoken to Frolik's agent and learned that Fro had signed a 3 year deal for 6.9 million. Both Rogers and Meyers seem a little hesitant to confirm this in subsequent posts though.. so stay tuned. Barta seems pretty convinced and has sent out several other posts but this would hardly be the first time someone spread false info on the internets.

At first glance, 2.3 Million cap hit is a tad bit high but Frolik is a two-time 20 goal scorer and a third line of Frolik-Bolland-Bickell looks pretty solid.. but who the hell knows how the lines will shape up.  If anything, this will at least give the Hawks something to announce at tonight's opening ceremony.  "Toews is captain", this is not.. but it's something I guess.