Game 42 Blackhawks vs Stars : Game Thread

Due the horrible events to happen at the Boston Marathon today, I am urging all of us to join with our friends out east to help with the healing process.

Tonight all the hockey blogs of SB Nation will be showing our solidarity and support to our friends in Boston by sending all our game discussions to Stanley Cup Of Chowder. I will not be posting our normal 3 period threads, but I will put up the post game thread to reconvene after the game. Please share all your normal excitement and hockey love in the threads on SCoC . There will be no comments on this thread, lets show our Bruins friends that Blackhawks fans have their back. It won't change the horrific events of today, but if it can ease the pain eveb for a brief moment then it is our duty as human beings to lend our shoulders, our ears and our hearts.