Into You Like A Train: Blackhawks 5 - Coyotes 2

While the effort wasn't perfect, the results were there.  I'd like to say it's odd to have a game where you come away with the feeling that the Hawks utterly dominated yet failed to really seal for so long but it ends up far more common than expected.  Going up in the first off a 5on3 helped set the pace but the Yotes weren't shy about tying the score.  Luckily, the Hawks managed to answer quickly after both the Phoenix goals, scoring less than 3 minutes after the first and less than a minute after the second.  For most of the game however, the Hawks were controlling the pace.  This is a late game so lets get to the bullets...

  • The Hawks played a great physical game that doesn't always show in the "hits" category (which is oh so very subjective). They were great at using their body to push Yotes off the puck, getting sticks into passing lanes and causing a lot of turnovers. While it didn't result in a goal, Frolik tying up the stick of a Yote and causing a great chance for Bickell in the first comes to mind. Even Carcillo got into this later in the game...
  • Speaking of Frolik, Sam brought this quote from Litter Box Cats to my attention earlier today: "Skille needs to score soon. He's done everything but put one in the net, and his fantastic and consistent play so far this season is begging to be rewarded with a scoring tally."
    This sounds remarkably familiar to everything we've said about MIchael Frolik, doesn't it? After yet another solid game, Fro ends up with another assist but without a goal. He had several plays that set up great chances but remains without a goal of his own. One day Fro... one day. I guess if we're saying the same thing about Frolik that they are about Skille, that was a good trade, right?
  • For the record, Boyd Gordon sounds like the name of a hero that fought communists in some kind of serialized 50's radio program.
  • The power play was only 1 for 5 but there was some solid improvement. The second unit in particular had some great keep ins and some nifty passes early on. Still.. it isn't a great %
  • For all you players that play hockey and may be young while still playing hockey - Jonathan Toews put on an absolute clinic on going to the net tonight. He only had one goal to show for it but he was all over the rebounds that were aplenty from Jason Labarbera tonight.
  • Duncan Keith continues to have an up and down year. An absolute blow out lead to Ray Whitney's goal and yet a minute later he took the shot from the point that Jamal Mayers tipped in for his first goal. If anyone can figure out what to think about him, we're all ears.
  • Dave Bolland showed more emotion than usual by raising both arms in the air after his short handed goal. The smirk was still there though. You still have to love the fact that after forcing a turnover at the blue line, Bolland didn't even fake a move with the puck. Bolland might have an underrated slap shot as all he did was pull his stick back and let loose. Labarbera had a pretty clean look but couldn't do anything to stop it.
  • You know how sometimes you just scream "yes!" or something similar after a goal? After Bolland's goal I simply let out a good hard belly laugh. The booze may have also played a part in this...
  • Fro-Bo-Bick goal? I'll take it. Speaking of that goal? Beauty, eh?
  • So I know this isn't a hockey link but Tom Waits has a new album coming out and the first track on the album is called "Chicago". It's like two of my favorite things ever coming together. Here's an interview if you can handle the greatness.
  • Making fun of the opponents lack of ability to draw fans to games. It's not just for silly little bloggers anymore.