June 1st - Beard of the Day: Charles Darwin


Just so we're all on the same page - It is now June and the Hawks are still playing hockey.  And we're still posting these beards.

I probably don't need to tell you much about Charles Darwin.. you know who he is and you know that he had an amazing beard. Darwin's writings and discoveries are easily translated into the Stanley Cup Finals. The game is clearly about the survival of the fittest. Duncan Keith just put in over 27 minutes of TOI in his 100th game this season and that doesn't include his time in the Olympics.

Want to go deeper? OK. We're also watching the evolution of the Hawks on many levels. We've seen them change from the 65 point team in the first season after the lock-out to being just two games away from bringing the Cup back to Chicago. The Flyers aren't going to be easy to dispatch though, so the Hawks are going to need to change and adapt their game as the series shifts to Philly.

Also, what a hell of a beard, eh?