June 9th - Beard Of The Day - Ginger Baker


From "C.R.E.A.M." to Cream, who says we can't do segues here at SCH? Peter Edward "Ginger" Baker was the backbone of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Blind Faith, as well as the supergroup Cream (performing in both projects with some Clapton guy). Cream was one of the original "supergroups" with Jack Bruce joining Clapton and Baker, and pioneered the "power trio" movement. Cream blended seamlessly blues, jazz, and psych rock for a brief but excellent discography which is still revered to this day since their first release of Fresh Cream in 1966. It was their follow up to that record the following year of Disraeli Gears that contained what was likely their most recognizable song, "Sunshine Of Your Love."

Though it all Baker sported a fiery red beard that didn't belie his nickname, and boasted a drumming style to match. Switching from straightforward rock beats to sparse and intricate jazz arrangements on a dime, Baker is one of the more influential drummers in rock history. More than a few of the Men of Four Feathers also have donned ginger scruff on their jawlines this playoff run - obviously Brian Campbell, Marian Hossa, while blonde, sports a crimson beard, Colin Fraser, who has seen limited action lately joins those two, Duncan Keith has a Norris-caliber red beard, and it even could be argued that Patrick Kane and Kris Versteeg have more than just a hint of red in their beards as well. Not to mention our very own Matthew Killion, who wears just about the most annoyingly perfect red beard on the continent. And it is in recognition of all of those fine, upstanding young men that Ginger Baker is presented here today.