Let the pimping for the Classic begin...

So sure - I probably overpayed for a ticket to freeze my ass off at a game where I could possibly not be able to see a thing.  I get that.

That doesn't mean I'm not incredibly excited for it though and since the Hawks have an off day - I thought I'd take a look around the internets and see what's going on for the Classic.


First off, I find this oddly fascinating - The NHL has set up a webcam that's streaming the production of the rink being put up at Wrigley.  I thought I'd take a look at it real quick and ended up watching for at least 5 minutes.  You can see the paths the players will take out of the dugouts towards the rink already.

There's another good article about Cubs players attending the game - still it seems to be only pitchers though.  Good quote from Harden about falling asleep while listening to the Flames - you're not the only one guy.

Al over at Bleed Cubbie Blue has some great photos of the contruction of the rink.  Check them out here, here and here.  The photo at the top of this story comes from  the last series.

Our rival blog Winging It In Motown will be the game too..  They kinda mocked the "fan" who sold the tickets to them (and rightfully so, you asshat!  There are plenty of Chicago fans wanting to go, why sell to a Wings fan?) and are now running a contest.  Want to win some free stuff from a Scum fan?  Go enter!

Here's some cool excerpts from a broadcasters' conference call - it's worth a read.

And finally, as always, Sarah Spain over at Mouthpiece Sports has a good interview with VERSTEEG! about the classic.  And getting slapped by his grandma over poor manners.

Anything else cool that you find - put it up in a Fanshot or Fanpost - let us know what you're excited about.