May 24th - Beard Of The Day - Matt Hooper


When there's a shark terrorizing Amity, ME, or the western conference also-rans, expertise on par with that of ichthyologist Matt Hooper (as portrayed by Richard Dreyfuss) is needed. Much like Hooper was unconvinced that the tiger shark caught was the real killer, our Men of Four Feathers were unconvinced of the San Jose Sharks being the real killers of the western conference, and both set out to prove as much. Hooper did so by assisting in hunting down and aspoding a 25-foot, three ton behemoth of a shark, the Hawks did so in blowing up San Jose's cup aspirations (and possibly the core of their roster as a consequence.)

(I know Dreyfuss isn't in this clip, but this scene never gets old, and plus, Roy Scheider is a certifiable badass)