Morning Bag Skate 11/8

Lockout day 54. 171 games lost. $245,763,264.08 lost in total salary. 13 hours, no chest thumping, more talks coming.

In case you haven't seen the video of the craziness that went down in Rockford on Saturday, here it is. (Puck Daddy)

Martin St. Pierre named IceHogs captain (IceHogs)

Lockout updates (TSN, CBC)

Make Whole chatter will determine the future (ESPN)

Talks provide hope but Dustin Brown still leaves for Europe (Sporting News)

What a season starting on Dec 1st could look like (Puck Daddy)

Elections did not help the Coyotes. Hello Quebec! (Nebulous Verbosity)

Making the case for the Hall and Oates (see what I did there!) (Globe and Mail)