Morning Bag Skate 9/3

Corey Crawford is elated with "amazing" contract. (Tribune)

Are the Hawks in cap trouble with Crow's new deal? (Madhouse Enforcer)

All Corey all the time, today! (Blackhawks)

Duncan Keith takes the Cup to his childhood home. (CSN Chicago)

Loui Eriksson skates with his new team for the first time. (CSNNE)

A healthy Mikael Samuelsson looks forward to another season with the Red Wings. (MLive)

Ryan O'Byrne heads to the KHL. (TSN)

Not chance Alex Ovechkin will pull a "Kovalchuk." (Washington Post)

Of course Gary Bettman got a raise. (Sports Business Journal)

Salary cap means NHL rosters are getting younger. (Toronto Star)