Morning Links (1/31)

Well, it's time for me to move on, ladies and gents.

Using a stale piece of hardtack (my sole means of sustenance and remuneration), I have tunneled out of my cave, pausing only to thank you, kind readers, for your general indifference to my links posts and 'shops and vigilant attention to my typos.

I keed. We want you on that wall. We need you on that wall.

Seriously, it's been a blast. A deep bow to the ToS, my co-linker Julia (and the links person who will take my place--enjoy the summer doldrums, sucka!), CNS for the pointers, and all the regular posters here who provide daily doses of wit, insight, and creativity. I've become addicted to it, so I'll be lurking.

Go Hawks.

Game Previews: (, (CSN Chicago), (Trib)

Tazer's back, baby; Shooter practices, but is questionable to play (Trib)

Morrison makes his debut tonight on the second line (Myers)

Morrison is thinking Cup (THN)

The Hockey Writers: Has the Hawks-Canucks rivalry lost its punch?

Hawks prepare for nine-game trip (Rogers)

Cheer the Anthem takes a look at the home stretch

Blackhawks getting back down to business (Blackhawk Up)

Hey, doomsday GDT posters: The Third Man In is calling you out

Stu Hackel analyzes man-games lost to injury (

Down Goes Brown recounts great moments from All-Star weekend history