Morning Links - (2/3)

Blackhawks news and hockey notables.

  • Recaps. [] [Tribune] [ESPN] [CSN] [Cheer the Anthem] [Hockeenight]
  • BMo's looking forward to a Cup run. [Tribune]
  • There must be a renewed focus on defense. [ESPN]
  • Counting on Keith and Seabrook isn't going to be enough. [ESPN]
  • A new episode of Third Man In Radio should sufficiently distract. [Third Man In]
  • Several Blackhawks players and concepts finished high in the hockey superlative rankings of The Hockey News. [Tribune]
  • Cimaglia brings the reality check. [MyFoxChicago]
  • Hawks/Flames preview. [Tribune] []
  • The clock error controversy of the recent Kings/Blue Jackets game might be a bigger deal than previously thought. [GlobeSports] []
  • Brian Burke thinks the wind has changed and an openly gay NHLer wouldn't have as tough a time of it. [CBC]
  • Some things you do for money, and some you do for fun, but the things you do for love... E's old and yet always timely piece on stats, love, and the different ways to be a hockey fan. [Theory of Ice]