My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Wild

I'll keep this one quick but I wanted to recognize someone besides Hossa, even though Hossa deserved everything he got and getting a goal was just a cherry on top.

With his first game back from a 5 game injury, Dave Bolland made his presence known and could of had possibly his best game of the season last night.

Bolland has been serviceable at the 2nd line center this year but he hasn't really meshed with his new linemates and completely accepted his new role.

Greg noted it in his post game wrap-up. Happy Birthday again, Greg.

Bolland was quick last night and maybe proved that his injury wasn't concussion related.

The rat had an assist on Kaner's goal in the third, but it was more of an eye test that just showed that he was feeling an extra pepp in his step.

Vik Stalberg also had a really good game last night, it's going to be a tough decision if it comes down to Bickell and Stalberg.

Also, very happy to win the little side bet with Emilie from HockeyWilderness, in honor of Hoss, she will be rocking a new profile picture this week. Hossa lifting the Cup. Feel free to ask her about it.

Keep the streak going tonight and Go Hawks!