News From Blackhawks Practice

The Blackhawks seem to be getting healthier as they prepare for Friday night's game against the Sharks.

The Chicago Blackhawks can set the all time mark for most consecutive games with a point to start the season tomorrow night. It looks like they will have most of their weapons in uniform and on the ice versus the San Jose Sharks. Marian Hossa, Corey Crawford and Brent Seabrook all fully participated in practice this morning with the team.

Coach Q says Hossa is "comfortable" and "could" play tomorrow night. He added that the decision will be made based on how Marian feels in the morning. A Slovakian website posted an interview with Hossa's dad who either said Hoss did have a minor concussion or no concussion at all, depending on what program you used to translate the site. The news of Hossa practicing caused the legions of mouth breathing Canucks fans to be outraged and start in with the conspiracy theories. I would rather play it safe and have Hossa sit out the weekend to be absolutely sure he is ok. This team has a real shot at being special this spring (early summer) and I wouldn't want to risk that for a couple of regular season games against the Sharks and Blue Jackets.

Q also confirmed that Brent Seabrook and his swollen nuts will return to the ice tomorrow night as well. It will be a welcomed site seeing number 7 back in the rotation. Ray Emery missed practice today due to a family commitment but he will make his 4th straight start on Friday night. If I was a betting man I would think we will see Crow return on Sunday and Emery again on Monday versus the Oilers. This would give Crawford three days off until the February 28th game at the Blues. Daniel Carcillo continues to practice but once again did not take rushes with a specific line. The St Louis game could also mark the return of Carcillo.