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Off With A Bang: Blackhawks 6 – Blue Jackets 1

Was I the only freaking out when the Blackhawks started this game off with a resounding thud of a turd hitting the ground? The Blackhawks were a step off when the puck dropped and were getting hemmed in by the Blue Jackets. Things got worse when Sami Lepisto attempted a home run pass to Sharp that would have sprung him towards Steve Mason. Derick Brassard saw it coming though and took the puck from the blue line to the top of the circles and got a slapper past Crawford. The win against the Rangers had certainly lifted our spirits but a loss to the Blue Jackets to end this road trip would have pretty much crushed any hopes we had the Hawks were out of this slump.

Thankfully, Toews decided enough was enough. Taking the puck from the Hawks zone, the captain powered around Jeff Carter in what I think was his only appearance of the game. Or at least it was all I saw of him. Fedor Tyutin was off in no man’s land, and when Toews got around Carter he had a great chance and buried it five hole past Mason. From then out it was all Hawks as the top line of Sharp and Daydream nation dominated. Lets just get a few quick bullets in then it’s time for the video.

  • Sami Lepisto had one shift immediately after his turnover but then sat on the bench for approximately 33 minutes of play. Then in his second shift of the third period he scores from the blue line on a screened shot that got past whoever it is that replaced Mason. Alex somebody.. i think. I’m pretty shocked Lepisto got any TOI at all, knowing that Q hates him and turnovers equally. The goal plus the blowout seemed to sooth Q and Sami got regular shifts after.
  • Mentioned it before but the top line combined for 3 goals and 5 assists. This nothing but good news if these guys all heat up at the same time. Marian Hossa had a solid game as well though didn’t find the net.
  • Crawford had another solid game and no surprise, it involved him staying in his net. The one time he did get a little too far out he was bailed out by Seabrook who dropped in to cover. Crawford was able to make some big saves though and looks to be gaining confidence. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him out there again tomorrow.
  • Stalberg just scored another goal against Columbus.
  • After Foley unloaded on Mason for ripping his coach – it appears he was yelling at someone on the Chicago bench. It’s important to have all the details.
  • What the hell was Derek Dorsett thinking? He’s listed as only being 8 inches shorter than Scott but it looked much more than that. It looked like Scott was beating up a toddler. Scott looked shocked he would even want to attempt a fight.

The Hawks have had a few games this year where they’ve dominated other teams and put up a lot of goals (Nov 16th vs Van, Jan 18th vs. Buff) and though my compatriots here at SCH were right to celebrate… they took things just a bit too far. I registered my protest with the league but I can’t blame them though. However, the standard has been met (5 goal victory, nothing less) and I am most pleased to bring you the one, the only, Diamond Dave