Playoff Pick SPG Winners

So here's some slightly exciting news - we have a tie in our Playoff Pick SPG contest.

But I guess it's only really exciting if your screenname is Lavapants or Mike because those are the winners.  If you're reading this, Mike and Lavapants - feel free to start bragging in the comments.  Mike had the lead for most of the playoffs but Lavapants jumped up from third place to tie him in the final game.  Exciting, huh?

Here's where I need your help though - how should we pick the winner?  I'm thinking they should have to pick how many more goals will be scored in the Stanley Cup Finals, sound good to all of you?  I don't think they'd be down with a fight to the death - so pick something else.


Mike is glad he tied for the lead but just let me know he was mostly playing for fun and to see if he could beat his wife - which he did so I guess he's still wearing the pants in that relationship.  So he's willing to pass the puck over to Lava without a challenge.. So kudos to Mike and Lava...