Poor Niklas Hjalmarsson is confused by Twitter

He only just got it, and he's already lost.

This past little while, the Chicago Blackhawks' social media game has been strong. Not only did we get in-the-running for social media MVP Jonathan Toews on Twitter, but now, even Niklas Hjalmarsson has joined in on the fun.

He's been off to a strong start - hey, you try getting almost 16,000 followers over a couple of days - but it looks like we've already lost him.

Fortunately, his wife is there to help him out! Or... not...

There are so many things to love about this. First, that she feels the need to respond to him on Twitter, and not, like, in person or something. Second, that we can hopefully get a lot more of this in the future. And third, she's really not very helpful at all.

But at least we know both Hjalmarssons are the type of people to use emojis. And Niklas' hashtag game is even working out for him.

Now, for someone to just teach Hjammer what an acronym is. After all, the Hawks probably have their own fair share of GOATs.