Power Rankings - Week 3: We're #4! We're #4!

It's the start of the new week and the Hawks haven't played yet - so lets take a look around all the other sites and see what other people are thinking of the Blackhawks so far.

SBN Power Rankings - 1st in the Western Conference but only 4th overall.

The Hockey News -  4th overall and the comment only mentions Huet's major mistake on the dump-in.. this might be a theme.

NHL FanHouse - 4th overall once again - thankfully no mention of Huet.

TSN - 15th overall... the fuck?  TSN isn't sold on the Hawks goalies but even still this is an obscenely low rating.

NHL.com - 4th overall once again

ESPN - 10th overall - Questions about Huet cause them to drop.. but since when does ESPN know anything about hockey?

Looking at the league-wide stats - the Hawks are near the top in just about everything other than the power play and goals against.  The only area that's troubling though is when you compare shots against/game with goals against.  Please don't take this as another invitation for a Huet flame-war though.. it's just an observation..

Points: Tied for 3rd with 3 others (11)
Goals For: Tied for 5th with 2 others (28)
Goals Against: Tied for 16th with 3 others (22)
Shots/Game:  3rd (35.9)
Shots Against/Game:  1st (20.8)
Faceoffs: 2nd (55.4%)
Power Play: 13th (23.3%)
Penalty Kill: 5th (85.7%)